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Donna Linville is a uniquely gifted individual! This humorist and pastor's wife has been touching people's lives for a number of years. She will have you laughing, crying, and laughing again. And, through it all, you will find yourself celebrating, because even in the middle of life's pain . . . there is hope! Donna is a popular speaker at Women's Conferences, having ministered at many such meetings throughout America.

 Listen to her in the SGM Radio room, or right here:

With Honors, Part I

With Honors, Part II

 After listening, you may wish to purchase her tape cassette ($10.00) or Video ($20.00), called "With Honors."

Order from: Donna Linville, 2100 Wyoming Avenue, Portsmouth, VA. 23701.

Your purchase will help enable Donna and Gary Linnville, to minister in Papua, New Guinea in the near future.

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